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Service Bundles


G uarantees Backed Lending

We facilitate large capital funding, ranging from 5 million EUR to 10 billion EUR, secured by a Bank Guarantee (BG), Stand-By Letter of Credit (SBLC), or Sovereign Guarantee (SG).  

The instruments must be issued from a regulated investment-grade bank or from a central bank with excellent credit ratings from one of the three main rating agencies. 

The funds will be disbursed over an agreed drawdown schedule.  

N on-Recourse Lending

For projects that are socially responsible, generate employment and positively impact a country's GDP, we offer non-recourse funding of up to 1 billion EUR generated over a one-year period.  The project needs to meet strict UN requirements for sustainable projects.  The project owners need to satisfy  rigorous  KYC/AML process.

 This is one of the flagship offerings of MKS Consulting and suitable for government and private projects.

R evenue & Asset Based Lending

If you are managing an on-going business with strong  financial cash flow and high asset value, or if your project has secured off-take contracts or Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), we can facilitate very competitive and flexible 50% to 90% funding for your project

We have a vast network of channel partner with a strong focus on emerging markets and Africa

S hort Term Lending

At times clients require short term liquidity.  We can facilitate this short term lending via development loans, bridge loans, Bill of Exchange loans and a range of other such products

Our network includes over 300 lenders with varying specializations.

The short term lending can be syndicated with long term funding, when required, for larger projects.

C apital Contribution Lending

We offer a unique and non-conventional funding option based on insurance bonds. The funding uses insurance wrapping of your project by one of the top-rated insurance underwriters. 

This requires the client to provide 5% of the loan value as a capital contribution. 

Our funding solution is very flexible and disburses the funds within 3-4 months.  This requires no asset-based securities, liens, or collateral on your project.  The funding ranges from 10 million EUR to 2 billion EUR

C apital Leveraging

We offer our clients access to exclusive capital leveraging platforms including tearsheet programs, bullet trading programs, and private placement programs.

This allows our clients to raise capital for their projects and minimize the burden of debt on their existing projects.

Our Channel Partner


The following are a sample of the MKS Consulting funding product brochures.  the Information included is strictly private and confidential. 

You can request a copy using the form in the Contact Us

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